OneNote gets handwriting on iPad … Finally!

Finally it’s here! Microsoft has finally added handwriting to OneNote on iPad. After keeping it for Windows only devices, it was released on Android and now it has made its way to iOS. Obviously as it’s iPad you have to use a capacitive touch stylus or you can use your finger to write. It was Read more about OneNote gets handwriting on iPad … Finally![…]

Linx 8 – the iPad mini of the Windows 8 world?

I’m not going to lie, I’ve always felt the Surface Pro’s are a little on the pricey side (but I’m willing to evaluate the unit if Microsoft sent one to me!) Other manufacturers’ devices were cheaper but still not at an entry point for a low risk purchase. Apple started with their iPad and later Read more about Linx 8 – the iPad mini of the Windows 8 world?[…]

Why aren’t your files in OneDrive?

*Moving to “The Cloud” is difficult.  It shouldn’t be but it is for many people.  Many people are unwilling or unable to move their files because of a lack or understanding of how cloud storage works. Part of the reason is that users can’t see it and therefore have a perception that they have no control Read more about Why aren’t your files in OneDrive?[…]

Creating an animation using PowerPoint

The first tutorial in a series shows how to create a Red Nose Day animation using Microsoft PowerPoint to be displayed using Xibo open source signage software. Assets and files available at

ICT Freedom – With great power comes great responsibility

“Bored” from lanier67 on Flickr My Twitter feed is full of retweets this morning … “Michael Gove to scrap ‘boring’ IT lessons” from the Guardian.   In his opening speech to the BETT show, Michael Gove will slam the boring and constrictive programme of study that is in place for ICT and will allow schools Read more about ICT Freedom – With great power comes great responsibility[…]