Write just like me – iFontMaker Review

Admit it, you’ve needed a ‘handwritingy-looking’ font, trawled the web and then either given up or used the dreaded Comic Sans.  What you really wanted was to use your own handwriting as a font … right? Personalised handwriting fonts can cost $20 or more depending on the complexity of the font and your handwriting.  Now Read more about Write just like me – iFontMaker Review[…]

Stantonbury Campus – a very special school

It’s finally come; today is my last day at Stantonbury Campus.  It seems so long ago that I got the job at Ousedale School and I’m really looking forward to starting in September but I will miss Stantonbury … a lot! Stantonbury Campus is different from other schools I’ve experienced.  Not because there are nearly Read more about Stantonbury Campus – a very special school[…]

Implementing electronic behaviour management

“Bees!” by Todd Huffman on Flickr Learning is paramount in school.  I know it is an obvious thing to say but it’s easy to forget and to get caught up with the day-to-day things like behaviour. Of course, if you have good teaching then it usually leads to good behaviour which allows outstanding learning, but that’s Read more about Implementing electronic behaviour management[…]