Paid for checking in? Quidco goes social.

A number of people enjoy checking in with apps like Foursquare and Gowalla but after you’ve been riding high at the top of the leader board for a couple of weeks it gets boring pretty quickly.

Foursquare has specials if you are the mayor of nominated places but these have never been useful or relevant.  The only one I could possibly imagine using is Domino’s but it takes time to earn the mayorship.

I recently came across Quidco when my father in law purchased an iPhone and we earned £109 for buying through Quidco.  Quidco have now released an iPhone app but the interesting part is that they make payments for checking in to different stores.  This puts a whole new perspective on the foursquare system … why would you check in for free when you could be earning money?

They are only small payments but they will build up quickly. Examples of check in payments include

  • check in to Debenhams = £0.25
  • check in to GAP = £0.25
  • check in to Halfords = £0.20
  • check in to New Look = £0.10
  • check in to the Cutting Room (a small hairdresser near me) = £0.25

Of course you can also earn payments for buying things online – e.g.

What are you waiting for?
Sign up now and start earning on your check-ins!

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