One of the ICT crimes in schools is buying technology but not using it. One of the most common technologies that suffer from this is the interactive whiteboard.

Rather than buying new stuff, we are focusing on making the best of what we have got. Our school has lots of Promethean Activboards but many of the staff do not know how to use the ActivInspire software or are stuck on the older ActivStudio software.

We recently ran a whole school training session on use of interactive whiteboards. We had three classifications: beginners, intermediate and advanced, but with a lot of staff split across two campuses how do we achieve a consistent training experience?

We wanted to train in ICT suites and had ActivInspire installed on all the computers so staff could practise during the session instead of sitting and watching. We ran one advanced session, four intermediate sessions and two beginner sessions simultaneously.

We made a number of mini training videos available and training flipcharts for the trainers.

You can access all the training videos and the trainer flipcharts at our new learning platform that we are currently developing. Visit for all the files.

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