Stantonbury Campus – a very special school

It’s finally come; today is my last day at Stantonbury Campus.  It seems so long ago that I got the job at Ousedale School and I’m really looking forward to starting in September but I will miss Stantonbury … a lot!

Stantonbury Campus is different from other schools I’ve experienced.  Not because there are nearly 2800 students on site, not because students don’t wear uniform, not because they call teachers by their first name, but because of the quality of relationships with students.  Stantonbury’s ethos is about equal value and determined optimism and this is at the heart of everything they say and do. This equality also applies to staff; it doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, cleaner, secretary or the principal … everyone treats each other with respect.

I don’t think students are always aware of how lucky they are.  The school has excellent facilities, well equipped ICT suites, a swimming pool, theatre, athletics track but the real asset at Stantonbury is the staff who work incredibly hard for students to ensure they achieve.  Students receive an interesting and varied curriculum and the cross-curricular Rich Tasks that students complete in Key Stage 3 are something to be proud of. 

I’ve had a fantastic and dedicated ICT teaching team who are committed to students and achievement.  They are hardworking and produce excellent outcomes.  They are also an incredibly friendly and caring team who take care of each other and help each other out. 

I’ll miss Stantonbury Campus as it was where I got my education about working in partnership with students rather than teaching to them.  It really is a special place and I hope to take some of the ethos with me wherever I go in the future.

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