Hands On with The Early Edition on the iPad

We all like news, we all like bed.  What could be better than an easy way to catch up with the news whilst in bed?

The Early Edition is a brilliant app for the iPad priced at £2.99 from the iTunes Store.  It is a aggregator that pulls in news stories from all your favourite websites and presents them in a newspaper format.

The best thing about this is that the dynamic newspaper updates every time a new story is published on your RSS feeds and include links to videos from the news sites themselves.  Think of the moving newspapers from Harry Potter!

The app is REALLY easy to use and the recent update means you don’t even have to know the RSS feed address.  You enter the website address and it searches for the feed address for you.

Want to create specific supplements to really get that Sunday newspaper experience?  You can now group your stories into sections e.g. Tech News and assign certain blogs or sites to those sections so you can browse specific types of news.

This is a five star app and is definitely worth the £2.99 cost.

If you need any more convincing of how great this app is, watch the video hands-on review below. 

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