What makes them tick? Do you want to develop professionally?

One of the parts of my job that I really enjoy is working with other members of staff to increase their ICT knowledge and to help their professional development.  Today I worked with two members of staff with a contrasting experience for me in terms of their response.  One of these people bowled me over with her exuberant (and Tigger-like) attitude towards ICT and how it could improve access to her subject for students.  (You know who you are if you are reading this!)

tmm09-smallWe talked a little about Moodle and we spoke about my Moodle learning curve.  We look at where I started (just dumping resources) and how I got to where I am now with interactive and more interesting looking courses.  Her immediate response was how she could use it in the classroom for her A-Level History group.  It fills me with excitement when I see other teachers are so enthusiastic about the same things that I am.   During the course of the conversation we also spoke about the TeachMeet concept  and I shared some of the exciting things I had seen at TeachMeet Midlands.

I had been reflecting over the weekend about the TeachMeet and what makes people want to give up their Friday night to do more work!  I do it because I want to improve the experience in the classroom for my students.  When it is combined with some of the outstanding tweets from some of the people I follow on Twitter, I have found some of the tools shared are outstanding and get students going (my Year 10s loved Prezi!)

We are entering a time where students expect higher quality ICT in the classrooms and get frustrated when someone is getting them to do MORE POWERPOINTS.  There are a lot of great new tools out there and they can make a difference in the classroom.  Now I might not be able to get people out to a TeachMeet but would a TeachMeet work within a school context where people are sharing great stuff outside of their own faculty?

So here’s the plan …

  1.  Get a staff development day dedicated to ICT (already pencilled in for November)
  2. Create a staff delicious page where regular tools and tips are shared
  3. Share the excellent presentations such as 32 interesting uses of Wordle etc created by Tom Barrett
  4. Look at TeachMeet Stantonbury Campus – will that work?  … or at least TeachMeet Milton Keynes.

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