Use your iPod Touch or iPhone for revision

There are lots of ways to use technology to revise for upcoming exams; most of these focus on using websites such as BBC Bitesize, SAM Learning or your school’s VLE.

What about when you are on the move? How can you make the best use of your time by using your iPod Touch or iPhone when you are on the bus, in the car or those forced visits to grandma?

Here are a selection of apps and techniques to keep the revision going.

Evernote is a free web service that allows you to store content that you have written yourself or found on the Internet. It has a free iPod Touch and iPhone app that allows you to access your content offline.


  • create a scrapbook/album for each subject to keep content together
  • put definitions (one per page) in each scrapbook to access ‘on the go’
  • upload diagrams to subject scrapbooks
  • you can write content and sync it with the web service so you can access it on your computer.


  • can be accessed online and offline
  • can hold a wide range of content
  • can create and edit content when online

Evernote Website
Evernote iTunes App

Google Docs is an online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation package. Sign up is free and it allows you to access your documents and presentations from any Internet enabled device. You can even upload documents and presentations that have been created using Microsoft Office (such as ones from teachers) and you’ll be able to access them on the go.


  • create flash cards using GDocs Presentation and flick through them on your iPod Touch or iPhone.
  • type notes into the word processor to access anywhere anytime.


  • access content from any computer – no excuses for leaving revision notes at home!
  • can access all files (optimised for iPhone/iPod) from the Google Docs if you have WiFi or Internet access.
  • can edit or add content when you are online using your device
  • can access word processing docs and spreadsheets ‘offline’ using a free app “MiGhtyDocs”


  • MiGhtyDocs doesn’t work with presentations unfortunately
  • MiGhtyDocs doesn’t allow you to edit offline

Google Docs Website
MiGhtyDocs iTunes App

ReQall is a task management website that allows you to create lists of ‘to-do’ items. You could split your revision goals into individual ‘to-do’ entries and then cross them off as you go on the ReQall website.  There’s nothing more satisfying!

Download the free app and you can have your to-do list available when you are online and offline.  When you are able to connect your device to the Internet again, you can launch the ReQall app and sync back up to the website.


  • ICT: Practise mail merge in Microsoft Word
  • ICT: Create a simple flat file database in Microsoft Access
  • ICT: Know the difference between batch and interactive processing


  • access on any computer that is connected to the Internet
  • FREE
  • allows you to organise your thoughts and think about what needs to be done


  • Will take some time to put all of the to-do items in – you could spend more time putting the entries in than actually doing the revision!

ReQall Website
ReQall iTunes App

Google Calendar allows you to make appointments and organise your time.  It would be a useful tool to organise your revision plan.  You can then access this from any Internet-enabled computer and you can add the account to your iPhone or iPod Touch and access it online and offline to see what you should be revising when.   You can even share it with your parents so they know what you are revising when.


  • you can repeat items weekly to create a regular schedule
  • Google Calendar can email you and pop up on-screen reminders to let you know when you should be revising
  • sharing the calendar can get your parents off your back!


  • can spend more time making the revision plan than actually revising!

Google Calendar Website
iCal for iPhone/iPod Touch already installed

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