Netbook Project: Review point 1

We have been using netbooks with two classes for over three months now.  This is part of a pilot to test the effects of 1:1 computing.  We investing in three sets of netbooks …

– two class sets that are assigned to students as their personal equipment.  They are allowed to take the netbooks home and they are encouraged to treat it as if it were their own

– a class set that is assigned to a teacher.  They are his netbooks to use as he pleases with his classes.  He is completely responsible for their charging, storage and care.  These are stored in a laptop trolley to charge all netbooks overnight

The class sets were issued at the end of October 2009 to a Year 8 class and a Year 9 class.  They won the netbooks as part of a whole school competition to decide which classes would form the pilot groups.

The Year 9 students maintain blogs to record their thoughts and experiences as the project goes on.  All of this group were specifically asked to write a blog post reviewing everything so far.  The Year 8 group will be doing this and we’ll then collate it into a single report.

They certainly seem to have made a difference to their learning in a short space of time and I’m really excited to see what will happen as the skills of the teachers and students increases over the course of the year!

Here are notable quotes from the reviews so far with links to their full blog posts.

“Since I have got the Netbook I have been able to make my work more understandable because I can type up my work and email the teacher rather than write it with my scribbly handwriting.”
Charlie B’s Blog

” It helps me to have more confidence in class and i answer more questions now cuz have learnt alot from the netbooks.”
Chantelle’s Blog

“I think it does improve our learning, its a different way of learing too. Technology’s changing and people can find out stuff that they didnt know.”
Charlie S’s Blog

“I think my Netbook has made the most difference at home. I don’t have my own computer, so usually it’s a fight to the death between me and my sister to see who gets the only other computer available to us. So, in many ways, the Netbook has made a difference to my life, too.”
Emma’s Blog

“At home my mum uses it, with my help she has done online banking on it and my uncle has used it for e-mailing. At home i have gone on Facebook to interact with friends and family in india and germany.”
Iran’s Blog

“I do think it has improved my learning because I been taking it in more and not like the old saying in one ear and out the other.”
Maryellen’s Blog

“I think it has helped us become more independent because we have to remember to take in our netbooks every day and it has made us think for ourselves.”
Sarah’s Blog

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