Students as bloggers

If you’ve read my post about the great BIG netbook competition at my school, you’ll know about our project where we are trialling the use of netbooks with two classes to provide one to one computing.

The Year 9 class who are participating in the trial are helping us out by blogging their experiences.  Some have really taken to it and some haven’t.  This is obvious as many people try to blog but run out of steam quickly.

One of the students who has really taken the blogging on board is Charlie.  He blogs … a LOT!  Sometimes it is useful stuff where he has reviewed his day and sometimes it is him talking about things he does outside of school.  He wrote a great short post last month about what to do if you are bored where he suggested to draw a face on your chin and film it upside down on your netbook.

He really enjoys getting comments on his blog; a little while back the vice-principal from the school commented on a post and he sent me an email with the following …

“Hi Stuart Guess what, Liz Boote commented on my Blog!!! WOW!!! Shes like high up head in the school!!! “

He then took it upon himself to email the principal of the school to tell him about his blog and invited him to read it.  Brilliant self publicity … he’ll go far!

Please take a look at Charlie’s blog at or have a look at one of my highlights from his blog.

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