Three UK network announce arrival of VoLTE


Today ThreeUK network had a huge network announcement and shared this online with a Twitter event #ThreeNetwork.

The network has had a tremendous growth in terms of customer base and network coverage with 8.5 million customers.   Of these 3.5 million are accessing 4G at no extra charge.

I have always found the coverage to be fantastic.  Three quote their coverage has grown from 90% in 2007 to 97% in 2014.   I personally rarely experience bad signal and the 3G or 4G is normally faster than my home ADSL signal.

Today was an exciting announcement as they are rolling out VoLTE and 800MHz 4G from Autumn 2015.  Customers with VoLTE enabled handsets will be able to start using it automatically.

Why is this good news?

VoLTE is HD voice calling and when on a VoLTE call it is claimed that the difference is noticeable by both parties.  VoLTE will also give better coverage in areas that have struggled in the past as it is more efficient than 2G/3G services.

Is my handset VoLTE ready?

There are many VoLTE enabled handsets but popular models include the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung S4 and above and some Lumia Windows 8.1 handsets.

More information

Three have published a blog post with more information.

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